Welcome to the Dads at Home Network,

We are a hub of like-minded bloggers who think out loud about stay-at-home/work-at-home dads and their kids. We are a growing group of guys around the world, and we need recognition. A 2013 survey revealed that only 8% of the US believes that kids are better off when their dads are at home and not working. Women in the same role receive over 50% approval in the US.

Both working dads and moms report feeling stressed trying to balance work and family (56% & 50%). They feel almost the same about wanting to stay home with their kids (48% & 52%).

There are tens of thousands of blogs and groups for moms raising children. Our informal research has found fewer than one hundred that are aimed at dads.

There are a lot of dads at home. According to the Pew Research Center, there are more than 2 million dads at home with their children in the US. That number is nearly double what it was in 1989. The UK and Australia experienced the same leap over the same time, from 111,000 to 229,000 and  57,000 to 106,000 dads at home with kids respectively. Of all of the dads at home, the proportion of those primarily to care for their children has quadrupled, while the proportion of women at home primarily to care for kids has fallen.